USAA Pledges $1.3 Million to Help Combat Homelessness in San Antonio

homeless San Antonio Rivard scottball

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    i have just (a month ago) become homeless. im an hon. disc. vet. i do not have a phone and bus fair is even hard to find. do you have a program to assist me? i have been able to scrape up enough for a new I.D., , i have my dd 214, honorable. is there anything available so i can get out of the haven of hope? i stay half the time on the streets because the haven you sleep on the concreete basically . thanks john

    • Chris Trevino

      Thank you for reaching out to Endeavors. I’ve forwarded your message and contact info to the appropriate program managers to see how they can help you. Feel free to call 210-431-6466 as well.


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