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family endeavors success story
Supportive Housing: Christian’s Success Story

Dec 26, 2017

When Christian arrived at Endeavors™’ Fairweather Family Lodge, Child Protective Services was involved with her children and she was in drug court due to a drug addiction. She also had no bank account, a low credit score, a broken lease, six traffic warrants, owed money to the city, and had defaulted on loans. Due to drug use, Christian had severe damage to her teeth and gums and invisible wounds from past trauma and untreated depression. Upon arriving to the Fairweather Family Lodge, Christian had access to mental and dental healthcare a had a chance to re-bond with her children. The...

family endeavors veteran navigator success story
Veteran Navigator Program: Maurice’s Success Story

Aug 11, 2017

Maurice (“Max”) is a Veteran of the US Air Force and Hurricane Katrina survivor who has struggled with depression and homelessness. When he was referred to the Endeavors™ Veteran Navigator Program in San Antonio, Maurice was living in his truck after an eviction and other setbacks but quickly showed commitment to improving his life and building a new future. The same day Maurice entered the Veterans Navigator Program he was moved into housing with food and necessities to help him transition to stable housing. Soon after enrollment, Maurice was approved for an apartment through one of Endeavors’™ long-standing partnerships with...

Family Endeavors Success Story
Community Based Services: Spencer’s Success Story

Jul 13, 2017

In January, the Community Based Services (CBS) team in San Antonio received a referral from Adult Protective Services to assist a 71 year-old client, Spencer, with housing. A Case Aid assisted him in filling out an application for housing assistance and connected him tot he local public housing organization. Normally, this was to be the point where our assistance ended, but it was only the beginning… Spencer was unable to get in contact with his housing caseworker. Worried he would not be able to find housing by his deadline, Spencer began making regular visits to Endeavors™, biking or taking the...

Family Endeavors Veteran Success Story
Veteran Services: Mr. Dayton’s Success Story

May 31, 2017

After four years of service, Mr. Dayton, a US Air Force Veteran, struggled with mental health issues and the inability to provide for his family. Mr. Dayton was homeless for two years, commuting to a nearby town for odd jobs while staying in abandoned home to be near his ill mother. After being introduced to a Veteran Supportive Services case manager at Endeavors™, Mr. Dayton was able to gain permanent supportive housing. Along with rental and utility assistance, Endeavors™ also provided Mr. Dayton with a mattress, general housing items and food to meet some of his most basic needs. Once...

veteran services success story
Veteran Services: Ivory’s Success Story

Dec 27, 2016

In 1981, Ivory Smith was honorably discharged from the US Army after four years of service. As a Veteran, Ivory struggled with substance abuse and homelessness. After some self-reflection, he decided to seek assistance from Villa Serena, a San Antonio drug and alcohol rehabilitation center operated through the Department of Veteran Affairs, where he was connected with a Lead Navigator from Endeavors™’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). The Navigator explained to Ivory, “This is an empowerment program. In order for you to improve your situation, you have to be dedicated to maintaining sobriety and addressing your mental health.” Ivory was...

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