Disaster Relief/Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Since 2011, our Disaster Relief/ES program provides client-focused, temporary staff to support emergency staffing needs due to disasters or other unforeseen events.

  • We have provided support for four federally declared disasters in Texas. We are serving 60 counties across Texas with our Disaster Case Management (DCM) services operating in five DCM offices in Texas covering 35 counties.
  • We have assisted in four major surge staffing events that include providing case managers, clinicians, teachers, logistical support, and direct care staff for over 20,000 undocumented youth.
  • We have established, successful community partnerships with Long-Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs), Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADS), community nonprofits, municipalities, homeless/housing coalitions, and others assisting local communities impacted by federally declared disasters.
  • We currently serve:
    – DR-4269
    – DR-4266
    – DR-4272
    – DR-4233 (completed)

Key Collaborations & Contracts:

  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission
  • U.S. Department of the Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs

Program Services & Expertise:

  • Individual & Family Social Assistance Services
  • Case Management & Intake Services
  • Emergency Childcare Services in Emergency Shelters
  • Emergency Childcare Services for First Responders
  • Relief Services in Disasters
  • Identification and set up of Child-Safe Zones in temporary shelters and/or locations
  • Staff for Emergency Shelters for victims of domestic or
  • Capable of multiple deployments internationally and concurrently

Staff Qualifications:

  • Licensed Case Managers & Clinicians
  • Child & Direct Care Staff certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid
  • Federal Criminal Background Checks
  • Specialized Training in Behavior Management, Crisis Intervention, and Trauma Response
  • Specialized Training in Shelter Operations
  • 800 Reservists on standby 365 days a year


  • 624230 Emergency and Other Relief Services
  • 624410 Child Day Care Services
  • 624190 Other Individual & Family Services
  • 561311 Employment Placement Agencies

Contact: Trenton Clark, Director Emergency Response and Tribal Services 210.431.6466, ext. 165 tc@familyendeavors.org

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